News & Cases

  • 12 September 2022

    Paolo Marzolini and Daniel Durante secured a victory for a prominent Italian company in ICC arbitration proceedings.  Paolo Marzolini’s and Daniel Durante’s client was awarded the sums sought in the arbitration.

  • 24 March 2022

    Paolo Marzolini gives a talk on “Managing the Clients’ Expectations as to the Outcome of the Dispute” in the seminar “Managing the Client’s Expectations & Preparing the Client to the Arbitration” organised by the Galatasaray University, Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) and The Solution, Istanbul.


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  • P. MARZOLINI (co-author: D. DURANTE), SWITZERLAND, in: Rojas Elgueta/Hosking/Lahlou (Eds.), Does a Right to a Physical Hearing Exist in International Arbitration?, The ICCA Reports Series, 2021, 1-13.